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How to be more kind to yourself

These are 8 tips I do to feel more happy, kind. I learned a lot in these past months. So from my experience to you. I hope it will help you in any way. If you like these kind of blogs let me know, leave a comment or contact me. Now further ado, let’s begin.

1. Say nice things about yourself:— A while ago I started practicing gratitude and saying positive affirmations. It helped me being more gentle with myself. Not constantly being so negative. Still I need a long way, but slowly we are getting there.

2. Enjoy time for yourself (selfcare):— Every day is selfcare day! I try to take at least one day per week for myself. But most of the times, it’s everyday. Read a book, go for a walk. Just taking care for myself. It doesn’t even need to be something big. The small things will also make a big difference. Taking a break and having some fun!

3. Do more things YOU love:— This is still a hard thing for me to do. But slowly I’m getting there. The reason why I think this is so important is because if we don’t do more things things WE love, I think we’ll only end up doing things we don’t like>but that’s in my experience. These last months I stopped doing the things I used to enjoy so much. Writing, making photo’s, and I don’t even know why. So from now on I will take more time for myself and go out just a bit more! Do more things I like instead of doing things for others.

4. Take a break from social media:— I try to go without social media in the morning, I set up downtime on my phone. This way all my apps are unavailable. Social media can really mess up your metal health, even though sometimes we think it doesn’t. The news and the ‘new’ way to look is not healthy at all, these last years we are all stuck on our technology and I think it sucks. The last weeks I really tried to go without social media as much as possible. I tried to not look at the accounts that makes me feel less(important) and even unfollowed lots of accounts that didn’t spark me joy. Give it a try, believe me sometimes we all need a break even from social media.

5. Practice gratitude:— As I mentioned before. Graditude can help you a lot. At least it did for me, in the morning I write some of the things that makes me happy or what i’m grateful for. It doesn’t even have to be something big, even the small things can make the difference. Like a walk in the nature or you bought yourself a nice cup of coffee.

6. Forgive yourself:— I tend to be negative, a lot. And that leads to me not really forgiving my mistakes or dicisions that I made in the past. But holding on to these thoughts can be a lot on your shoulders. It wil eventually build up. So these days I try to let stuff go. It’s still a hard thing to do, but we take little steps. Let it go and forgive yourself. Your mistakes or your decisions, we all need to learn and I think learning is the best that you can do. We fail and we go back up! It’s OK to forgive yourself.

7. Be more present:— Looking at the past or future. That’s what I do a lot, I learned from someone to think less and live more in the moment. I’m an overthinker and that’s leads to me obsessing over the little things that already has happened or even things that maybe won’t even happen. Practicing meditation can help a lot. I try to let my thoughts go, and be in the moment. Though for me it’s still pretty hard to do, i’m still a beginner and need to practice a lot.

8. And at last, celebrate your ficturies:— ‘’ I got the job, that’s nice!!’’ yeah that was it, I did not celebrate my hard work. It’s Ok to celebrate your little ficturies. Matter of fact, it’s the best. All your hard work that has payed of, you did that for a reason. So why not treat yourself? I got in to my dream school. And I did not expect that at all. I was so happy, over the moon happy. Together with my mom and sister, we celebrated it together. No not a big party, but just by being together and having a drink was enough. All your hard work, even the little things can be celebrated.I hope you liked todays blog, and that you maybe learned something from it. See you soon. Stay healthy and safe in these times! Loves, by me 🙂