Let’s Chat: Social media, do you think it has a negative or positive impact on our society?

My mini blog series ‘’Let’s chat’’ is about my insight on a question that someone asked me. Today we will discuss Social media…

Dear requester, first of all what a beautiful question! I gave it some thought and I think it both has their sides… let’s read, shall we?

Scientists have claimed that in 2015 4% between the age 18-25 are spending 5 to 10 hours on their phone scrolling through social media. Which now has doubled to around 9% and that was claimed two years ago, 4 years later (2021) the numbers are even higher! Social media is all fun and really it can be, but it can also cause anxiety, insecurities, bullying and it can do harm to your sleeping schedule… I myself struggled A LOT with my own self back then. If you look at those ‘perfect life’ accounts on for example Instagram, they don’t really make you feel better, now do they? 

A few months back I deleted over 200 accounts that did not “spark me joy” Those accounts made me feel less and doubt myself. Now who actually wants that? I did my own little research and found out that back then I was on my phone for 6 hours a day. I know shocking right?! I installed screen time and set it to Max 2 hours a day, right now I try 1 hour on social media per day. 

I said that I do think that social media has it’s positive sides… Let me tell you why. Social media is a platform where you can learn, make content and it is good for your business. You can make connections and engage with your community! If you use it right it can be fun! So to sum it up, Social media can be used it both the right and wrong ways! The question is, how will you use it? 

Just remember: Sometimes we all need a break, even from social media and that’s all alright!

This was it for today, see you soon with a other topic

— Indira