Current morning routine

Ah yeas, summer is over and fall is starting to come around. Which means i need to get ready for a new school year and start a new morning routine. Getting used to the fact that online lessons are still a thing due to covid-19 and that I need to plan around my schedule. Sounds more awful then it actually is… In the morning I like to take things slow, so waking up at 7:30 is perfect. I read some pages of my current book (the girl in red by christina henry) which is btw a very good book! (just the whole line that she has written). Then I get up and wash my face brush my teeth. Do some stretching and some exercises (see below).

Then when I’m finally done I’ll go downstairs and go for a walk with my dog. Make my breakfast(most of the times just a simple shake) and drink some water. Sometimes I also like to watch some Youtube/ Netflix. Or read some more.. I make some tea or coffee and I head back upstairs to ‘go to school’. As simple as that, but to me the most effective and exiting morning. See you until my next blog!

Loves by me,