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Let’s Chat: Social media, do you think it has a negative or positive impact on our society?

My mini blog series ‘’Let’s chat’’ is about my insight on a question that someone asked me. Today we will discuss Social media… Dear requester, first of all what a beautiful question! I gave it some thought and I think it both has their sides… let’s read, shall we? Scientists have claimed that in 2015 4% between the age 18-25 are spending 5 to 10 hours on their phone scrolling through social media. Which now has doubled to around 9% and that was claimed two years ago, 4 years later (2021) … Continue reading Let’s Chat: Social media, do you think it has a negative or positive impact on our society?

Loslaten; Het verwerken van je emoties en gedachtes

Auteur: Indira van Asperen Paar weken geleden las ik een boek (een summary eigelijk) en het ging over ‘letting go’ kortom ‘loslaten’. Persoonlijk denk ik dat iedereen weleens in het leven met dat onderwerp heeft rondgelopen. Hoewel ik het niet wilt toegeven, heb ik lang last gehad om iets los te kunnen laten. Ik heb aan mijn vrienden en familie gevraagd naar hun mening en kennis… Voordat ik naar de persoonlijke ervaringen gaat, vertel ik eerst waarom ik precies dit onderwerp hebt gekozen. Mogelijk omdat ik een boek hebt gelezen, of … Continue reading Loslaten; Het verwerken van je emoties en gedachtes

Thought of the day

Thought of the day 💭Sometimes you can get the idea that you are not enough… I’ve learned these last months that being me is enough, that I do not need to change and that I should be grateful for what I have in my life. Coming to this sense was a long road, but I’m here now and that was a big step for me. In life, I’ve had lots of times where I just thought I wasn’t good enough. I thought I would need to be perfect. But finally I’ve … Continue reading Thought of the day

Thought of the day

Recently I did some thinking. I just kept thinking that giving up is a better idea. But then I remembered why I started doing all these things.. Doing what I love with what I have, some people will love what you do🌙 If something different happens and you did not saw it coming, then try not be so negative. See things from a different perspective. Maybe it happened for a reason?And maybe now you got a new opportunity?Always remember why you started doing the things you choose to do, because it … Continue reading Thought of the day

How to be more kind to yourself

These are 8 tips I do to feel more happy, kind. I learned a lot in these past months. So from my experience to you. I hope it will help you in any way. If you like these kind of blogs let me know, leave a comment or contact me. Now further ado, let’s begin. 1. Say nice things about yourself:— A while ago I started practicing gratitude and saying positive affirmations. It helped me being more gentle with myself. Not constantly being so negative. Still I need a long way, … Continue reading How to be more kind to yourself

Covid-19 en de struggles die er bij komen kijken

Al 9 maanden. 9 maanden van stress en veranderingen, online school en de motivatie die je kan kwijtraaken waardoor je je opleiding niet meer zo leuk vind. De gedachtes die maar door blijven zweeven en het idee krijgen dat het echt nu te veel wordt. Niet meer veel uit huis kunnen, waardoor je eigelijk ook niet meer veel aan je uiterlijke verzorging doet. En dat zorgt ervoor dat je je niet meer helemaal top voelt. Ja ik weet er alles van, dit is precies wat ik al een tijd voel nu… … Continue reading Covid-19 en de struggles die er bij komen kijken

Current morning routine

Ah yeas, summer is over and fall is starting to come around. Which means i need to get ready for a new school year and start a new morning routine. Getting used to the fact that online lessons are still a thing due to covid-19 and that I need to plan around my schedule. Sounds more awful then it actually is… In the morning I like to take things slow, so waking up at 7:30 is perfect. I read some pages of my current book (the girl in red by christina … Continue reading Current morning routine